Planning for Year 1


Welcome to The Next 5-Year Plan, a blog about Major League Soccer (MLS) and the upper reaches of North American Soccer in general.

The title alludes to MLS’s socialist tendencies, both in theory and practice – i.e. the reality of a salary cap and the long-standing belief among fans and commentators that some teams are, in George Orwell’s famous phrasing, “more equal than others.” That said, it will rarely be about those socialist tendencies…but I am keeping an eye on Seattle, Toronto, New York, and LA…

What, then, will it be about? Soccer, obviously, but only some aspects of it.Things that interest me include: games; what players do on the field, especially the unexpected stuff; predicting the future of both based on reports, commentary, hunches, and what the little boy who lives in my ear tells me to expect.

Things that don’t interest me include: merchandise (getting excited about new gear amounts to abetting in the theft on one’s own property); 95% of what players, coaches and team management say (“boilerplate” speaks too highly of the norm); 90% of fan culture (still impressed by a good tifo).

Coverage will be light, brief, and, ideally, daily. It will generally argue for something as the best, worst, and/or most significant event of the day. Sometimes I’ll share some epiphany, other times I’ll link to something and say, “Yeah, check this shit out. Can you dig it?” Hopefully, my perspective will be funky and fresh.

I’ll also talk about games – Portland Timbers games, mainly, because they play where I live (or thereabouts…there is no shame in suburbia). And they are awesome. I will make an effort to catch as many games as possible with most of that effort being directed toward whichever team comes next in Portland’s schedule. I’m looking at you, Philly…

 And that’s it. I just really love soccer. Always have, albeit within limits. I also like talking about it. Or writing about it when I can’t do that.

 I hate forums, though, so I started a site. Hope anyone who comes to it enjoys it.  


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