2014 Major League Soccer Season Preview Spectaularrrrr!


Sabado Gigante!!

This whole project of posting season previews for every Major League Soccer’s (MLS) club is more for me than anything else, a way of getting maximally geeked up before First Kick. More than a couple of these do little more than point to what I don’t know about some of MLS clubs – and most of those spots on the maps where “thar be dragons” are in or around the Eastern Conference. (In no particular order, sorry Columbus, Philadelphia, and Chicago.)

It was educational, however, and I really do hope that anyone who happens by will find the same when they read a post. Or, failing that, that he, or she, will be entertained.

Links to 2014 season previews for all the teams in MLS appear below. I ordered the links based not only how well I expect this team or that to do this year, but on how much each team interests me. After the links, though, I’ll wrap up by saying who I believe will make the playoffs in 2014. That’s as close as I’m going to get this year by way of fine-tuned prognostication.

Portland Timbers
Seattle Sounders
DC United
New England Revolution
Real Salt Lake
Vancouver Whitecaps
FC Dallas
Colorado Rapids
LA Galaxy
Toronto FC
Philadelphia Union
Sporting KC
Columbus Crew
Houston Dynamo
New York Red Bulls
San Jose Earthquakes
Chicago Fire
Chivas USA
Montreal Impact

So, who out of that big mess above makes the 2014 playoffs? Here are my educated, unexplained guesses.

Western Conference: Portland Timbers, Real Salt Lake, LA Galaxy, FC Dallas, Seattle Sounders

Eastern Conference: Sporting KC, New York Red Bulls, New England Revolution, Houston Dynamo, DC United

Ladies and gentlemen: You have my marker, even if it’s not all that brave…

Looking forward to posting a steady stream of stuff this year and, hopefully, beyond. I’ll write about games once or twice a week – expect Portland to feature prominently – and it’ll be short and daily after that. Enjoy 2014, people! It should be a bang-up season….starting…well, right about now.


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