Philadelphia Union 2014 Season Preview: Well, You Can’t Know ‘Em All…


Yeah, I got nothin’. Or, at best, not nearly enough…

How’d 2013 Treat ‘Em: 12-12-10 (W-L-T), 42 gf, 44 ga; 7th in the East
I just didn’t think much of Philly last year. They struck me as just another scrapper in the Eastern Conference scrum – and that seems like a fair impression all things considered. I mean, look at that record and remember where they earned it (e.g. the East). On the occasions I did see them, they didn’t look awful or anything. Some combination of a lack of personnel and a lack of ideas tripped them up; it’s hard to say that one pre-dated the other, or caused the other. Not much to say here, I guess. Uh, sorry?

Exciting Additions! – Ethan White, Andre Blake, Maurice Edu, Cristian Maidana, Vincent Nogueira, Austin Berry

Tricky Departures… – Michael Farfan, Jeff Parke

Quality Parts: Conor Casey (when healthy), Maurice Edu, Sebastian Le Toux, Amobi Okugo, Sheanon Williams

It Gets Better If They Come Good: Berry, Andre Blake, Brian Carroll, Conor Casey, Daniel Cruz, Keon Daniel, Michael Lahoud, Maidana, Jack McInerney, Nogueira

What I’d Expect Based on the Above:
People far and wide applauded what Philly did in the draft. Then came the Edu signing. Then they brought in a couple players -Maidana and Nogueira. A standing ovation ensued, accompanied by talk of doing all the right things going into 2014. I have to take a lot of that on faith, sadly, because I simply don’t know a lot about the new parts. On the other hand, universal praise is universal praise, so why not put a little stock in it? I think the worst thing I’ve heard so far is that Nogueria came in a little out of shape. I still have questions, though, things like: not getting why so many people like McInerney so much; the real upside in Danny Cruz, who leaves his beating heart on the field, but that just makes him a throw-back to MLS’s early years; and, dammit! Is Carlos Valdes on the roster or not? One good thing I can say about Philly, though, is that I’ve seen some of the smaller name players – your Hoppenots, your Pfeffers, etc – do good things. Add random acts of offense to an improved core and the Union could very well have something this year. And, yes, Edu really should help them. I do like that guy…

2014 Season Opener: @ Portland Timbers, March 8


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